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We all know how dental procedures can be so expensive, many Australians have been neglecting their dental health because of it. What makes matters worse is that health insurance holders before were not given enough dental coverage so even if they pay for the monthly premiums of their insurance policies, their dental care services are still unmet. Now, insurance companies saw the need to provide dental health insurance either as an extra cover or a separate policy altogether. Let us find out the different dental health insurance Australia offers to its citizens.

What is dental health insurance?

As its name implies, dental health insurance is an insurance plan that covers your dental services. This is an important option as part of your financial planning with regard to your dental procedures to make it more convenient and affordable. It works the same way as your regular health insurance coverages; however, instead of paying for your medical tests, surgeries, and other medical procedures, this plan insures your dental needs.

What are the different dental health insurance coverages available in Australia?

There are different dental health insurance plans offered in the country depending on your needs. The levels of coverages /also vary so before getting dental health insurance, you may want to consult your family dentist and know the general condition of your teeth, and its surrounding structures so you may choose the best type of dental plan to cover your procedures.

General dental cover is the type of dental plan that insures preventative dental procedures and services such as dental exams, scaling and cleaning, and minor fillings. Most insurance companies also include coverage for x-rays and radiographs if the purpose of diagnostic and not part of an orthodontic procedure. Some include this type of coverage as part of their comprehensive medical insurance as an extras policy.

Major dental cover, on the other hand, includes coverage for more expensive and complex dental procedures that mainly involves surgery. These dental procedures that are commonly insured under this type are wisdom tooth removal, use of crowns, bridges, or dentures, and other major dental procedures. Some companies offer different coverages for orthodontic or endodontic procedures.

How to choose the best dental health insurance?


Here are some ways in order to choose the most suitable dental health insurance for your dental needs. These steps may surely help you in ensuring that every dental procedure you need is available without worrying about its cost.

Assess your needs. As we mentioned earlier, it is better to know your dental health before getting insurance coverage. This knowledge helps you limit unnecessary spending while caring for your teeth and helps you take advantage of what the insurance offers without breaking the bank.

Learn the meaning of some insurance terminologies. It is not a sin to ask questions. Don’t be shy to ask about the meaning of specific terms like annual limits, benefit limits, and other parts of the policy that you find confusing. Knowing the ins and outs of your insurance policy is essential to get the full effect of its benefits and perks.

Coordinate with your dentist. Your dental health insurance coverage you will be deemed useless if your dentist won’t accept it or is not affiliated with your insurance corporations. Some insurance corporations have what we call‘preferred providers’ which is a network of dental practitioners that provides dental services covered by the company. Determine if your dentist is part of the said organisation so you can use your insurance coverage to avail of his services. If not, be critical about the list of dentists the insurance company provides and choose which would fit your dental needs.

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